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Radio Club celebrate Chinese New Year

12th February 2024
Posted by Radio Club

In February, Radio Club had the extraordinary opportunity to witness and experience the fantastic spectacle of Chinese Lion dancers parading through Eastgate and our studio throwing lettuce all over us as a sign of luck. 

George’s Experience:

“They went into the studio and interrupted us on air. They started dancing around trying to find the lettuce and tried to eat some of our members. Cameron was on coffee and tea at the time, it was chaotic. It was a lovely visit they gave us and in all a great experience.”  

Jamie’s Experience:

“As a photographer/videographer and for my portfolio, I seized the opportunity to capture the dynamic atmosphere, the pounding of the drums was echoing through the Eastgate center. They were so loud the lions were almost intimidating, but it was so much fun. I truly enjoyed the experience and honestly thought I would get eaten but I got lettuce thrown right at me which as mentioned means good luck!”

Radio Club highly recommend experiencing Chinese New Year festivities firsthand. If you have the chance, mark your calendar for January 29th, 2025, and head over to Eastgate Centre.