Squash Academy becomes one of the fastest growing in the UK

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Racket Up Squash Academy is based at David Lloyd Gidea Park in Hornchurch, Havering and is one of the fastest growing academies in the UK. Racket Up Squash Academy was founded in April of 2017 by former England Junior Squash Player, Niall Engerer who has almost tripled the number of Squash Players at the club within the past three years.

Racket Up also run many Squash Competitions including the Essex Elite and David Lloyd Super Series which have been very sucessful since their introduction in 2018. The Essex Junior Super Series made its debut in 2019 and allows Juniors in Essex to showcase their talent with the final being played at an all Glass Squash Court in September at ST Georges Hill in Surrey on Septemeber 21st 2019.

Coaching sessions are availible throughout the week as well as tranning sessions that Niall runs on a weekly basis for Juniors and adults.

For more information visit http://www.racketupsquashacademy.com for more details.

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2 Comments on “Squash Academy becomes one of the fastest growing in the UK”

  1. I’m a Squash player as well as a Podcast/Radio presenter so these jobs really make my life very rewarding due to the phsical movements of Squash and the realaxation of sitting in a comfortable Radio Presnters chair.

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