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Neil Gits His Newspaper

13th January 2024
Posted by Neil Matthew

Change, change, change. Everyone everywhere’s always changing things. What they do, when they do it and of course how much they charge for doing it. It seems there’s nothing that’s resistant to my least favourite six letter word beginning with ‘C’ ! Late last year, the manager of my local Spar, who lives just down my road, dropped a very apologetic note through my door explaining that the company were no longer allowing her to use paper boys & girls after many years of reliably delivering to my letterbox in all weathers. Instead I was supposed to go online and use a company based in Stoke-on-Trent who would “arrange” it … and charge me about three times what I previously paid !!

Admittedly, I do only have my one football newspaper each week now (I cancelled all my daily local & national ones in 2020 for obvious reasons, not wishing to go totally insane !) and it would have worked out less expensive if I still bought 12 papers weekly, but still a huge increase. So, I contacted the football newspaper directly and arranged to pay a 20 week renewable subscription in advance which actually worked out much CHEAPER than I had been paying before. Yet I was still curious as to how they were going to deliver this to me each Sunday morning ….

7 weeks on and it still remains a mystery – I am not up early enough to see who pops it onto my door mat ! But the main thing is that every week when I wake up my paper is there ready for me to absorb myself in, soaking up hundreds of results and reports. I’d like to think that the now redundant teenagers are involved in the process, but somehow I doubt it – otherwise what was the point of making the change in the first place ?

You can rest assured that drastic changes to my radio show are a very rare occurence – each Monday at 7pm you can tune in assured that you will hear just what you listen in for, presented just as randomly as you always seem to like … although I definitely DON’T play the same records every week !!! Take a look at the latest playlist below then if you’ve not heard it already, catch the ‘Repeat Play’ this Saturday at 5pm or find it via the “Listen Again” service on this website …

The Tunes – Monday 8th January 2024

Willie Beaver Hale – Groove On
Detroit Emeralds – Feel The Need In Me
Lisa Dietrich – Move Me No Mountain
Phylis Hyman – Don’t Tell Me Tell Her
Esther Phillips – Native New Yorker
Brothers Johnson – Runnin’ For Your Lovin’
Debra Laws ft Ronnie Laws – Very Special
Shaila Prospere – Love Like That
Controllers – For The Love Of My Woman
Four Tops – Keeper Of The Castle
Voggue – Dancin’ The Night Away
Quincy Jones – Soul Bossa Nova
Foundations – Baby Now That I’ve Found You
Barry Biggs – Three Ring Circus
Jaki Graham – Round And Round
Whitney Houston – Love Will Save The Day
Brian Power & The Lewis Sisters ft Linda Lewis – Year Of Decision
Regi Myrix ft Lemar Kelsey – I Just Wanna Know
Louis Armstrong – We Have All The Time In The World
Preston Glass ft Kimberlyne – Luv Dat ’bout Ya
Bombers – Let’s Dance
Eugene Wilde – Personality
D’Jear – Let’s Do It

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