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Are blazers a smart approach to fashion?

8th June 2019
Posted by Radio Club

Blazers/Jackets are a very important part of clothing in the fashion industry. They are very professional piece of clothing which feature: buttons that can be attached to do the blazer up, buttons on the sleeves to make the sleeves stand out, a smart collar, handkerchief and three pockets on the Blazer where you can put any accessories inside.

Blazers/Jackets can be worn to make yourself look very smart and with a full suit on, the candidate can look very professional in appearance. A Suit has got to have matching colours which include the blazer/jacket and the trousers to be a matching colour. You can wear the blazer with other clothing as well but it’s the most professional when you are wearing a full suit.

When are Suits worn? To business meetings, proms, work, weddings, funerals, christenings and more.

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