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A Well Deserved Catch Up!

17th December 2011
Posted by Gateway 97.8

I’m sure you’ll all agree the weeks are now disappearing with Christmas, at the time of writing, only 8 days away! For me it doesn’t seem that long ago we had the shades on while enjoying the October heatwave. Over the past few years we have experienced heavy snow in the lead up to the main day but in contrast this year it has just been freeeezzzziinnng, and extremely windy.

Last week I was very grateful to Harry for taking over the hotseat while I was away in the Belgium city of Brussels looking around the EU buildings and being talked at by some MEPs. An interesting trip in all but I don’t follow it with a recommendation to visit.

Finally the school break is upon me which means that I can have a little time to relax in the Christmas build up. Anyway I’ll leave you there, be sure to check out the Local Chart page to see who is this week’s number 1!

See ya, Zach x