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Basildon Hospital faces further investigations

21st September 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Basildon Hospital is set to face another investigation but this time for the disposal of clinical waste. Used medical materials which included needles, were found at Basildon recycling centre by Veolia.
The Environment Agency is said to be looking into the case to discover how the materials ended up located in the general waste.

It’s currently not known exactly what items were found in the general waste apar t from needles. Veolia and members of staff from the facilities team will be trying to figure out what has happened.
Different types of materials and waste produced by Basildon hospital have to be disposed of differently. There are general waste, clinical, infectious, anatomical, offensive, sharps and recycling bins available for waste disposal purposes.

This report comes weeks after the investigation by Care Quality Commission into Basildon Hosptial’s A&E department, which determined that the 15-minute assessment time for children was not being met.