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Tories criticise lack of summer council meetings

5th June 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

The Basildon Conservative group have released a press statement, which calls for an extraordinary meeting of Basildon Council, criticising the Alliance’s decision to cancel summer council meetings.

The Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Andrew Baggott said:

“The Independents and Labour put their principles aside with their dodgy deal to get power and give a small number of their member multiple allowances.

“Now in power, the first decision enacted has been to take a five-month holiday and suspend debate in the council chamber. This also means that Labour are using Conservative plans, as no new policies can be implemented without a vote by full council – which raises the question, why are they in power?

“This is ironic as the decisions was taken by the installed Labour Mayor, David Burton-Sampson, who in his speech upon taking officer promised to ‘bring democracy back to the chamber’ and said that ‘debate would be encouraged’.

“I urge the Mayor to reconsider his decision and return democratic debate and scrutiny back to Basildon”

The Tories have said that following the EU election results, it is clear that Basildon supports Brexit. They have said that the council should communicate with the government expressing Basildon’s support for a ‘smooth and orderly Brexit’.

The letter, signed by all 20 Basildon Tories says:

  1. Following the Local European Parliamentary election results 2019, it was clear the majority of votes cast supported Brexit. This Council resolves:
    1. (i)  Where relevant to the Council, it will support the delivery of the referendum result of June 2016;
    2. (ii)  This Council does not support a second referendum, or People’s Vote; and
    3. (iii)  Instructs the Leader of the Council (Cllr Callaghan) and his administration to exercise community leadership by pursuing the above resolutions through all available media, and write to Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union confirming this commitment.
  2. Should the Leader and his administration not support the above resolutions, then this Council moves a vote of no confidence in the Leader of the Council and his administration.

This follows the formation of the Basildon Borough Alliance, which is led by the Labour councillor: Gavin Callaghan. The Alliance is in control of the council, with 22 councillors – made up of Labour, independent and UKIP.