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Heart condition caused death of Schoolgirl Leonie Nice

14th September 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

It has been found that Leonie Nice, who passed away in hospital after being struck by a rugby ball during a PE lesson, had a critical heart condition.

The 12 year old schoolgirl who attended Woodlands Comprehensive School in Basildon was hit in the chest by the rugby ball, resulting in a fit.

It’s believed that she was feeling dizzy before she collapsed. Nursing staff were quick to respond in attempt to help her. The nursing staff and her PE teacher tried to revieve her before the arrival of the paramedics. However, the paramedics were unable to resusitate her and she passed away at Basildon Hospital.

Six months after she has passed away, an examination has revealed that a cardiac condition, arrthmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, was the underlying reason for her death. Her death was therefore by natural causes. Being struck by the rugby ball and having a fit is now believed to be coincidental.

Leonie was described as a promising, delightful and kind girl and is missed by her friends and family.