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Laindon Developments – Bridge Demolition

18th February 2019
Posted by Radio Club

Live developments are at the bottom on this article

If you live in or around Laindon, you will be aware of the developments that are currently taking place and that there are several large changes that have happened.

Below is just some of what the Shopping Centre looked like before the works had begun, most of the units in the centre were closed. I have to add that the graffiti, for once, made the place more exciting.

Some of the changes that have happened include the change of location for the Funeral Directors and the removal of the footbridge connecting the shopping centre to the housing estate behind (Parsonage Lane); as show below on the map of Laindon, they have moved to 8-9 New Century Road.

Demolished Bridge Laindon Centre
Map of Laindon Showing New Locations

The process of the redevelopment has been taking place since May 2015 when Swan Housing took over the re-development. Swan Housing who are working with Pollard Edward Thomas, C.F. Moller, Bidwells, Newington and RPS have been working together to find the best solution and design to make Laindon great again.

In March 2016, Swan held a vision workshop with local councillors and representatives from resident groups to show them what there vision was for the future of the centre. Including designs and potential locations for:

  1. Shops
  2. Housing
  3. Car parks
  4. Empty offices
  5. Supermarkets
  6. High Street

Swan Housing released a video on YouTube displaying locations that was agreed. It shows us how the building should look and the modernisation of the centre. You can watch the video below.

Swan Housings Proposed Plan (Video Format)

Coming into Autumn 2016, the proposal for the redevelopments were submitted and in Spring 2017 the plans were approved and months later Phase 1 had started. This included digging up the old car park by the surgery.

Phase 2 has been set to start in 2019 and finish by 2022 for New Homes and Shops.

Phase 3 is set to start in 2022 and finish in 2024 for New Homes.

Below is what work which has begun, such as the bridge removal, the pilling in the old doctors car park and the buildings for the temporary pharmacies.

So, that’s what has happened so far as of 31/01/2019. There will, of course, be live updates as and when it happens – check back here to see the latest news!

Live Updates:

  • Post Office – Now Closed – 30 January 2019
  • Alternative: 3-4 The Triangle, Langdon Hills, Basildon, SS16 6BH, 1.1 miles away.
  • Templeman and Harris Opticians, Well Pharmacy, Lloyds Pharmacy will continue trade in temporary units behind the centre.
  • Laindon Health Centre will stay open
  • Headquarters Hairdressers has moved to Ballards Walk:
Old Location of Headquarters
  • Bridge Removal – the removal process has begun with issues causing a a standstill of the removal:

For more information about the re-development please visit Swan Housing or visit the information brochure explaining their thoughts and ideas.

For commercial and residential inquiries or concerns:
Call: 0800 819 9390
Or visit:


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