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MP urges PM to commit to WTO Brexit

11th April 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

This afternoon the Prime Minister gave a Statement to the House of Commons following last night’s EU Council summit.

In the Chamber, John asked,

“We would have left the EU by now on WTO terms if the Prime Minister had not extended deadlines. The investment decisions underpinning our strong economic performance in recent years have been made in the full knowledge that we could be leaving on WTO terms. Will the Prime Minister now show more confidence in the country and commit to leaving on WTO terms by the next deadline if no deal is passed by Parliament – terms by which we profitably trade with many countries outside the EU?”

The Prime Minister responded that she favours an orderly Brexit, and that exiting with no deal has wider consequences other than trade, for example security.

John said afterwards,

“Had the Prime Minister embraced a WTO exit, we could have left the EU by now. Instead, we may not now leave until either June or October. This is unacceptable, not in keeping with respecting the referendum result, and is prolonging uncertainty for businesses and the public alike.”

“The Prime Minister should use these next months to fully commit to no deal / WTO planning for an exit on 1st June. This would be a better use of funds than running the European Parliament elections, and would ensure we regained full control of our laws, money, borders and international trade policy.”