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New Dale Farm Eviction Planned

14th September 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Basildon Council are believed to have another Dale Farm eviction planned as travellers have been unsuccessful in their grant for planning permission on the site. However, some travellers have remained on Oak Lane, next to the Dale Farm site which has caused local authorities to issue a warning.

Basildon Council have given the travellers until September 29 to relocate or face council action. The coniditons they are living in are described as worse than third world country conditions.

The owners of three pitches on the Dale Farm site had been hoping that planning permission would be granted for the travellers to return. However, the owners of the plots have withdrawn their appeals due to a recent discussion which has taken place with the council.

Some members of the council believe that money should be spent on providing alternative accommodation for the travellers, rather than adding to Dale Farm eviciton costs. The total cost of the Dale Farm eviction last year was £8million.

A planning application for a 15 caravan site at Gardiners Close, Basildon has been submitted to the council intended for the most vulnerable.