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Ali – Sport

22nd December 2013
Posted by Danny Lawrence

Hello, I’m Ali Stafford and I’d like you to join me this Friday here on Gateway 97.8 for our sporting review of 2013.

Between eight and 10 we’ll be looking back at some of the biggest sporting moments from the past twelve months, as well as looking ahead to a busy sporting calendar in 2014.

Although we didn’t have an Olympic games this year to brighten up our summer, there was still a huge amount of British success in a wide range of sports, so we’ll be remembering some of those success stories over the two hours.

As well as highlighting some of the key moments in the worlds of football and rugby through the year at both a national and local level, we’ll cover plenty more of memorable moments from a wide range of other sports.

As well as plenty of talking points, we’ll also play you plenty of chart topping hits from some of the biggest names in music, including the likes of Calvin Harris,and lots more!

So it would be great for you to join me, Ali Stafford, on Friday 27th between 8am and 10am, for Gateway 97.8’s sporting review of 2013.