Wednesday , 23 April 2014
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Showbiz Update

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As usual, here is your weekly round-up of showbiz from Jamie Long. Read More »

Ali charity run


Gateways ALI Stafford is raising money for a local hospice in his home town in Ipswich. Ali who now works at Sky news and BBC Suffolk is back on Gateway 978 at Easter but Good luck in the london marathon Read More »

Showbiz update

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This weeks weekly entertainment round up with Jamie Long Read More »

Budget 2014 Review


The Chancellor’s says “makers, doers, and savers” will be the big winners from today’s Budget. He’s announced another increase in the personal allowance – so from April next year £10,500 of what you earn will be tax free. George Osborne’s also shaking up ISAs – and letting people invest £15,000 a year. Duty on petrol’s being frozen – it’s the same for whisky and ... Read More »

Showbiz round up


Busy week in showbiz here is Jamie Long with this weeks round up Read More »

Drive time


End of week showbiz Round up Here is Jamie Long Read More »


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End of week Showiz Here is Jamie Long Read More »

Drive time


Busy week on Drive time, we end the week with Jamie Longs Entertainment round up for the week Read More »

Drive time

Sam & Dave

As the end of the week draws to a close, Here is Jamie Longs weekly showbiz round up Read More »

Ryan Green – The Voice


Ryan Green from the BBC Show The Voice popped into Gateway this week for a chat and gave us a song or two as well! Relisten to the interview above and check out photos from his visit below. Read More »