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Coach Trip star Brendan Sherrin on Gateway

18th April 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The B word is on everyone’s lips at the moment – but this story promises some good news. A quarter of Brits say that they have been encouraged to holiday in the UK as a result of the Brexit negotiations.

Over half of all Brits say that they plan to have their ‘main’ holiday in UK destinations in 2019 – giving UK Tourism a real boost, according to the Sykes Staycation Index. The research revealed that two thirds (66 per cent) of Brits chose to holiday in the UK in 2018, up from 56 per cent who said they staycationed in 2017. Sykes’ own data shows that bookings to its 13,500 holiday cottages were up 36 per cent in 2018, with this trend set to continue.

Aston spoke to coach trip Brendan Sheerin and travel expert Bob Atkinson as to what are the local treasures they can experience nearby.

Brendan Sheerin and Bob Atkinson interview with Aston Avery