Cyber scams and coronavirus

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During this time of crisis and financial, and social instability, it is important that we all come together to help one another and protect the most vulnerable in our communities. But, while we are reacting to and coping with the implications of coronavirus in our society, criminals are using these circumstances to thrive and take advantage of those who are out of their comfort zone and in isolation, without the reassurance of help close-by.

Cyber scams, phishing emails and fake websites are already appearing to usurp the efforts the government and charities are going to offer help and financial support. Many workers who are now accessing their office computers from home via Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections are also working without their usual cyber security systems which they take for granted.

Aston spoke to Chris Greany, managing director at Templar Executives to discuss how to identify potential scams, and the best ways to avoid falling victim to them.

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