Food provenance… we don’t have a clue

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According to research published today, we don’t even know the basics. Common misconceptions include not knowing feta cheese is made from sheep’s milk, Pig’s blood is the main ingredient for black pudding and that maple syrup comes from the tree itself – with one in four people thinking it’s made from bark!

The study, commissioned by Maple from Canada, claims two-thirds 64% of adults believe it’s important to buy sustainably sourced food…… but three quarters 73% of those questioned admit they don’t know how to do this!

It seems we’re full of contradictions when it comes to our nosh. Over half of us (56%) would consider changing our eating habits to help the health of the planet, but just one in six people 15% have done anything about it.

Aston spoke to chef James Golding to discuss some of the food myths and also James was on hand to offer tips on the perfect autumn and winter dishes.

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