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Future jobs which don’t have parents’ approval

14th August 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Brand new research by Atomik Research, on behalf of Escape Studios, conducted among 1002 British parents of kids aged 5-18 shows that 44% of parents admit they will try to influence their child’s choice of a university degree, with Mums (39%) less likely than Dads (49%) to attempt to do so. Nearly half of parents (47%) don’t think that smartphones should be allowed in school as a tool for learning. However, 71% admit that kids using technology from the early ages is beneficial for their development. 53% of parents feel gaming helps in developing problem-solving skills and 51% of parents feel gaming develops logic skills. Only 12% of parents feel that there are no real benefits to playing video games.

Classical boundaries between industries are becoming blurred due to advancements in technology. There is a need for digital skills in more conventional roles like scientists and doctors, but these are also needed for the creative industries, who are sourcing people from varied backgrounds such as science, art and engineering. Creative Industries is one of the UK’s fastest-growing sectors. In 2017 it was worth a massive £101.5bn GVA to the UK economy, and there are 2 million jobs available in this sector (source: Creative Industries Federation).

Aston spoke to Allar Kaasik, Compositing tutor & Post-Graduate/Short Course Coordinator and Laraib Atta, VFX Artist ti discuss the research in further detail and why digital skills are important in today’s world.