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Half of UK haven’t switched phone contract as process is too difficult

1st July 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

New legislation from The Office of Communications (Ofcom), announced today (1st July), will drastically reduce the stress and time it takes consumers to switch their mobile phone contract. This comes as new research finds over 3 in 10 (33%) of Brits haven’t switched in the past five years because they find the process too difficult (51%).

Over 16 million Brits are eligible to switch their provider before the end of 2019 and these new changes will result in an average saving of £228 per person, a collective £3.5bn. Shockingly, 83% of those asked were unaware of this new legislation that will take the stress out of switching mobile phone contracts. New research from Carphone Warehouse, a company independent of any contract provider, found the main barriers to switching were how time-consuming (25%) and stressful the process currently is (19%) as well as the sheer amount of effort (25%) involved.

Aston spoke to Priya Cinar, Branch Manager and Resident Switching Expert from Carphone Warehouse to chat about the new “Carphone Warehouse Switcheroo”.