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Inappropriate Britain

18th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

When being told off by the boss, choking back the giggles at a serious religious ceremony and cracking up during sex are just some of the inappropriate situations that make Brits laugh out loud.

The nationwide study, by Netflights, found that nine out of ten Brits admit that they’ve howled with laughter at an inappropriate moment, while a further 70 percent said that they’re more likely to crack up if they know it would be frowned upon to do so.

Around two thirds (32%) of Brits admit to having chuckled when watching someone hurt themselves, ‘You’ve Been Framed’ style, while 19 percent have got the giggles while being disciplined by their boss.

The classic – seeing someone walk into a lamp post came top of the list with 52 percent of the vote. Three in ten (31%) Brits have laughed out loud during an intense intimate moment, and 17 percent admit to choking back the chortles during a serious religious ceremony.

Aston spoke to Donna Dawson, behavioural psychologist and Phil Bloomfield, head of customer happiness at netflights to discuss the research in further detail and also explained their own personal expriences as to when and why they have laughed at inappropriate situations.