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Modern day Bridget Jones

21st November 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Over half (60%) of single adults in the UK have chosen the single lifestyle, with more women (66%) embracing it than men (53%) as new research from Lloyds Bank reveals that, although they may not think so, singletons are also better off financially.

For Brits, having the freedom to do what they want (54%), not having to deal with relationship troubles (40%) and being more spontaneous with their lifestyle (39%) were listed as their favourite things about being single. However, for the 15 million* singletons in the UK, being in control of their own finances (43%) is more important than being spontaneous (41%).

The majority of them (71%) are also happy with the Singlelabel, but two-fifths (37%) admit to using the term Independentor Self-reliant (24%) to describe themselves. One in five (20%) define themselves as Free– only 2% would define themselves as Self-partnered.

When it comes to their least favourite things about being single, nearly a fifth of singletons (18%) say that it’s not having someone to split bills and living costs with. Adding to this, over two-fifths (42%) of Brits believe that being single in the UK today is more expensive than for those in a relationship.

The research comes as part of Lloyds Bank’s M-word activity that launched earlier this year, encouraging people to talk more openly about money and de-stigmatise the topic. 

Aston spoke to Lucy Vine, author and Harry Wallop, consumer affairs journalist to discuss the research in more detail and talk about why being single is something that should be celebrated.