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The recycology behind our sustainable habits

20th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The psychological power of ‘influence’ is turning the nation into more sustainable citizens, as new research reveals the positive link between caring what people think of you and sustainable recycling habits.

The study, by cardboard campaign group, Beyond the Box, shows a third of people-pleasing Brits (33%) admit they are more likely to recycle if they know someone is watching them.

And it appears the power of influence is having a positive effect, as waste-conscious Brits now claim to recycle more than half (54%) of their household waste.

The research also shows sustainability influences our work and love lives; 23% believe those who recycle are more successful and 21% say they would not consider dating a non-recycler.

Aston spoke to Dr Becky Spelman, behavioural psychologist and Andy Barnetson director at beyond the box to discuss the research in further detail and also spoke about recycle week which is taking place from Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th September.