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Walking down the (reduced) aisle

19th August 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Traditionally in the UK, weddings are something we plan for years in advance with the expectation to spend thousands on. However, the last 18 months have been financially draining for many and so attitudes towards wedding expenses have shifted.

In fact, the majority (61%) of us think the couple to be should pay for their own wedding, while less than a quarter (23%) think we should stick to the tradition of the bride’s family paying, according to new research from savings platform, Raisin UK.

This is not the only attitude towards wedding expenses that has changed in recent years, with 35% believing the traditional amount of three months of wages being spent on an engagement ring, is just too much.

Aston spoke to savings expert Kevin Mountford.

Photo by Evelina Friman on Unsplash