Wally’s On A Walk on Daytime

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On  March 20th 2013, Mark and Lloyd, 2 regular Essex lads, are walked from Lands End in Cornwall, to the end of Southend Pier in Essex, to raise money for a little known condition called Williams Syndrome.

The two lads joined Gonzo in the morning to talk about the walk and why they’re doing it.

About Wally’s on a Walk:

Mark, a photographer from Rayleigh, has a young son with WS, so its a charity close to his families heart. Lloyd has been friends with Mark for a few years and is keen to raise money for WS. There was a third member, Dal, but due to family commitments, he won’t joining us.

Mark and Lloyd had always talked about ways to raise money and awareness for WS, but never came up with anything that particularly stood out. So when Dal, suggested a 400 mile walk, they jumped at the idea, and Wallys On A Walk was born.

To find out more, or to donate, visit their website, wallysonawalk.com

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