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How Spin are responding to feedback about Basildon e-scooter use

6th July 2021
Posted by Tyler

Who ever thought that little orange e-scooters would be causing such a stir across Basildon?!

Whether you’re all for e-scooter usage as a way of reducing carbon emissions, or your dead against them; there’s no denying that they’re a hot topic which isn’t going away anytime soon.

Local e-scooter operator, Spin, joined Tyler Pittaway on Drivetime yesterday to talk about how they’re responding to feedback – both good and bad – and how they hope their free training session this weekend will clarify:

  • Who’s allowed to ride
  • Rider safety
  • The laws around e-scooter usage

Have a listen for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments:

Steve Pyer from Spin talks about local feedback and free training sessions

If you’re interested in learning more about Spin, head to their website: