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The I-Zone: The Thurrock Scouts Movement

6th July 2016
Posted by Tyler

As a child I always wanted to be adventurous and creative, and whenever I heard or saw pictures of the Scouts I always thought about being a part of this great organisation. The adventure, camping, learning surviving skills and many more attributes all dazzled me at a young age. But for one reason or another, this never ever became a reality for me it merely remained a dream. So, when my boy came to me at a very young age and asked if he could join the Scouts I was overwhelmed and after careful research I contacted the Thurrock, Essex based Hillside Scout movement.

Every child should live their adventures and dreams and that’s exactly what the Scouting movement is all about. This Sunday coming please join me, Jag Singh on another edition of The Inspiration Zone at 3pm as I will be interviewing Andrew Gilbey who is the communications manager for the Thurrock Scouts organisation.

You can be the best! You have the potential! Don’t let anyone ever, ever tell you anything different. At Gateway 97.8 on the I-Zone we have a duty to provide the best motivational and inspirational messages for our community. We are so proud of delivering these messages effectively to the people, and we will grow stronger for our community and continue to do so with your kind support.


This week on the I-Zone as always the playlist will be powerful and provide you with music from the legends of our time, please see list below:

Salt-N-Peppa: Push it/Nazia Hussain: Disco Dewaane/Slumdog Millionaire: Jai Ho/Bollywood classic: Kala Pathar: Jagiya Jagiya

And don’t forget to sit back, buckle up and listen to the roller coaster special motivational speech from Team Fearless: California – What Ever It Takes!

Andrew Gilbey from the Thurock Scouts movement will be speaking about the great benefits our children can learn and adapt from joining organisations such as the Scouts and Brownies. He will be discussing the great skills our children can learn from these Scouts/Brownies volunteers who have been running these reputable organisations for many, many years.

It is our duty to provide our children with the correct mental, survival, motivational and creative skills for them to utilise during their fruitful lives and hope that these skills will endeavour to serve them right when needed. The Scouts/Brownies and such organisations are there to provide that opportunity to teach our children lessons that will hopefully aid them in their futures.

So, to get pumped up and motivated for the week ahead, log onto to Gateway 97.8 on Sunday at 3pm and be motivated…be inspired…and be there!