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Adventure Island’s new ride now open

22nd April 2019
Posted by Radio Club

Axis is a Frisbee Flat Ride that is manafactured by SBF Visia Group and the companies Maxi Dance Party 360 Model. Axis has a outward Gondala with a maximum capacity for 24 riders.

More exciting stats include: A 360 Degree Swing, 108 FT [38 M Tall] and Maximum speed of 37 MPH. These stats are impressive for this new £1 Million addition.

Home to some of the best of the best Flat Rides in the UK with the likes of: Time Machine, The Claw and Sky Drop. The park is heading in the right direction and Axis is sure to be a great addition to a great lineup of thrilling Flat Rides at Adventure Island In Southend On Sea Essex.

Visit for more details.

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