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Neil Gits A Big Bag Of Pears

5th November 2022
Posted by Neil Matthew

Summer’s gone, Autumn is definitely here and just in case I needed any more confirmation of the change in season it was provided by popping down to the bottom of my garden. As long as I have lived in my house I can recall there being a pear tree there – in fact there used to be two but one had to be cut down as it was right on the border of my next door neighbour’s property and they were putting up a solid new fence. Up until that took place, that second tree used dangle precariously over their garden, randomly dropping rotten fruit on them !

It’s only in the last couple of years, incredibly, that I have had a nice tidy well looked after garden as I was not really one for gardening and way too busy to attempt any work on it, so originally used a local chap to mow the grass and keep a quick eye on other bits. After my first few years of living here, once he had moved away and not been replaced, a proper “jungle” soon developed and the annual dispensing of pears took place in a dark corner where no human dare try to reach !

But … here in 2022 I glanced out of the kitchen window last week and saw a couple of the things lying there all looking rather untidy, so out I went and on closer inspection realized there were enough there to fill a whole plastic bag ! Alas, I won’t be having pears for dessert for the next fortnight (heathen that I am, I would prefer ‘proper’ factory treated tinned ones anyway !!) as the local wildlife had nibbled and munched away at every single one, but hopefully the recycling chaps were grateful when they emptied my green bin the other day !

So, no more summer / sunshine songs on the show for a while, it’s the first one of November on Monday and I’ll be introducing a new “Spotlight Soul Artist” for the month and unveiling a new “Featured Album” too, both highlighting two exceptionally soulful singers, one male, one female. That will be in two days time at 7pm, but don’t forget that today (Saturday) at 5pm you can hear the ‘Repeat Play’ of last week’s show including this fine selection of soul, jazz-funk & disco from the 70s 80s & beyond …

The Tunes – Monday 31st October 2022

High Fashion – Feeling Lucky Lately

Barry White – Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long

Bashiyra – Unique

Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson – Scream

Lou Rawls – Season Of The Witch

La’zay – Curl Up With Me Tonight

Stylistics – Star On A TV Show

Klassic Man – Answer Your Phone

Detroit Spinners – Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling

Earth Wind & Fire – September

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Groovefunkel Session Version)

Final Touch – I’m Ready To Give Up My Love

O’Jays – Livin’ For The Weekend

Oliver Cheatham – Bless The Ladies

Mica Paris – My One Temptation

George Benson – 20/20

Lisa Stansfield – I Will Be Waiting

Lynn Davis – Can I Come Over

Lindsey Webster – Twin Flame

Roy Ayers – Rhythm

Midnight Star – Headlines

Richard Burton & Randy Roberts – I Miss You (PROMOMP3)

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The Old Gits Soul Show is on Gateway 97.8FM in Basildon & East Thurrock and also around the world via , as well as on your smart speaker or your phone, from 7pm–9pm every Monday, repeated on Saturday evening from 5pm–7pm … plus you can hear it again anytime you like via the “Listen Again” button on the Gateway website – search “Cool Soul” !