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Neil Gits His Best Bits Out !

30th December 2017
Posted by Neil Matthew

There goes another year ! Once again, there have been some fantastic new tunes that have found there way onto my PC via my email inbox and I have really enjoyed discovering some terrific artists and playing their music on my show. I used my collection of 2017 MP3s as “backing ambience” in between the questions at my annual “End Of Year Quiz” on Thursday and only skimmed the surface over the three hours – I reckon I have accumulated enough tracks to compile a superb 4 -CD compilation this year !!

However, as we all know, “The Old Gits Soul Show” is mainly about plucking some vintage songs from my huge stack of vinyl records (and occasionally dipping into CD albums too !) and there is nothing better than finding an old favourite that I haven’t heard for over 25 years, maybe a one-off release that made an impression on me, maybe an album cut by a major soul star that wasn’t in the “right” style for my gigs when first released, but all a big breath of fresh air amongst all the dross you hear on “mainstream outlets” in this day and age !!

So, on Monday (New Year’s Day) **LIVE** at 7pm I proudly present “The Old Gits Best Bits” featuring an exceptional playlist of music from the soul, jazz-funk and disco days of the 70s & 80s that I pulled off the shelves of my record library in 2017, nearly all taken from the good old black round stuff, but possibly with one or two played off CD (which itself I am told by young people is a retro way of doing things these days!!). If you are feeling fragile after a major night’s partying the day before, then this will be an ideal way to chill out before the return to “normal life” on Tuesday, so let’s make it a date and do be sociable via Facebook, email or text and share the love of “our” music !!

Wishing all fellow “Old Gits” a Happy & Healthy New Year – thanks for tuning in on Mondays and Saturdays throughout 2017 !

PS: There is no repeat play today (Saturday 30th December) due to the continuing seasonal schedule…