Listen: Mums are our real life superheroes

5th March 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Mother’s Day. The day we thank the mum of the family, as well as celebrate and honour motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence mums have on everyone. And perhaps, this year, the special day is more important than ever before.

In the challenging last 12 months, if there is one thing mums have enjoyed most with their children, 56% said it has been spending more quality time together, according to new research by One4all Gift Cards.

Almost all mums (94%) have found something challenging during the pandemic from general lockdown life (52%), finding time for themselves (41%), managing their mental health (41%) and home schooling (41%).

Mums, on average, get just 54 minutes of alone time a day. But do we hear them complain? Rarely.

That is why mums are real life superheroes.

Aston spoke to Aoife Davey from One4All Gift Cards to disscus the research in further detail and explain why giving the perfect give to our superhero mums is maybe even important this year.