Honey Langcaster-James on regaining our self-confidence

10th August 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

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As a nation, our confidence was rocked when we had our freedom stripped from us during the pandemic. And after gruelling lockdowns and months without everyday social interactions, it looks like Britons are excited to re-invent themselves and their looks in a post-pandemic world.

Today, PlusDent releases figures revealing the extent to which the nations self-esteem levels have taken a knock. Over half (55%) of Britons admit to feeling less self-confident than they were prior to the pandemic while one in five feel pressured to look good in a post-pandemic world (18%, rising to 20% amongst women).

With the complete life upheaval recently experienced shaking up people’s priorities, almost one quarter of people now believe it is time to reboot and refresh after the past 18 months (24%). And, looking forward, almost one third of Brits say they are now more likely to make positive lifestyle changes (31%) and dedicate time to exercise (29%) than they were before the pandemic.

Aston spoke to psychologist Honey Langcaster-James.

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