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International Friendship Day

30th July 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Whether it’s someone you have known for years, or a close companion you have met in later life, having a network of close friends has never been more important than during the coronavirus pandemic. For many older people shielding since mid-March, a simple phone call to their nearest and dearest can be enough to really lift their spirits. In many cases it might be the only meaningful interaction they have.

We are now being urged to reach out to our friends on International Friendship Day (Thursday 30th July) to make sure they are OK and to help prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness. It comes as new research from McCarthy & Stone reveals only a fifth of people aged 55 or more would speak to a friend about their mental health.

Despite this, the potential benefits of human interaction and face-to-face conversation are recognised by half of overs 55s who agree that you depend more on your friendships as you mature. 60% say their network makes them feel less lonely, while 48% admit that hearing from their close circle reduced their feelings of anxiety.

Aston spoke to David Searle, managing director of services at McCarthy & Stone to celebrate friendship and encourage us to make sure we always have someone checking in on us.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash