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Costa Opens £38-million Coffee Roastery in Basildon

13th March 2017
Posted by Ros Connors

Costa is opening its new £38-million coffee roastery in Basildon today – quadrupling Costa’s roasting capacity, and marking a significant milestone in business’ global growth plans.

Construction started in November 2015 on a specially chosen site in Basildon, and a stone’s throw from Tilbury Docks where its raw coffee beans are imported.

Named Paradise Street, the new facility is Europe’s biggest coffee roastery and covers 85,690 sq ft – or the equivalent of over 30 tennis courts – and will enable Costa to produce coffee for 2.1 billion cups of coffee per year. It is expected to operate for the next 20-30 years.

This new facility is now the biggest of its kind in Europe, and also includes a new coffee academy to train up to 3,000 baristi per year.

Pictured: Georgio Fioravanti, Production Director at the new site in Basildon.

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