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Free wifi for Basildon Market funded by GO Trade project

20th July 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Wifi access and contactless payments are just two of the modern amenities now in use at Basildon market in St. Martin’s Square. The new additions were funded by GO Trade – the cross-channel project helping to revitalise historic markets across England and France.

The €5.6 million scheme, now in it’s second year, aims to support the footfall and overall offer at nine traditional markets, with 16 project partners in both countries working together, along with market traders and other town centre business, to develop and implement the project.

Councillor Gavin Callaghan, Leader of Basildon Council, celebrated the new additions to the market:

“The launch of wifi at Basildon market allows customers to shop the market in new ways, and gives traders the opportunity to increase their offering and manage their inventories on the go. Adding contactless as an option for payment will bring new customers and growth to a traditionally cash-driven environment.

“Markets are the traditional heart of our town centres – helping them to grow stronger is key to the health of our wider town centres and visitor economies. The significant investment Go Trade is bringing is helping to protect what we all love about markets, while helping them to modernise and continue to meet customers’ needs.

The partnership with GO Trade has already delivered significant improvements for Basildon market and there are lots more exciting developments in the pipeline.”

The new additions coincide with the launch of GO Trade’s official website. You can find out more about the scheme, including details on each of the markets involved at

Image: Harpreet Bhanot, fruit and vegetable trader at Basildon Market.