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Conservative councillor resigns

16th July 2020
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Former deputy leader of the Conservative Group at Basildon Council, Councillor Kevin Blake, has resigned.

Councillor Kevin Blake, who has served as a local councillor since 2002, represents the Burstead ward and will remain as a councillor, sitting as an independent.

Speaking to Gateway 97.8, Councillor Kevin Blake said:

“I always have been and always will be a Conservative. I don’t like the PC world we live in these days.

“I was elected to represent the people of Burstead and I have no intention to join any alliance.

“I will remain an independent and will serve the people of Burstead to the best of my abilities.”

The Conservative group leader at Basildon Council, Councillor Andrew Baggott reacted to the news:

“Kevin is an incredibly principled individual and one of the core things he believes in is law and order. In his opinion the government has lost its way on that.

“He doesn’t want to knock the government. He is a Conservative through and through. I would welcome him back in a heartbeat.”