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Vegan band record at Abbey Rd Studios and tour the country in quest for Christmas No. 1

19th November 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

‘Peace On Your Plate’ is a song being released this Christmas with the aim of spreading a message of peace and positivity, whilst raising money for animal / vegan charities. 

The song, written by Gavin Chappell-Bates and Giles Bryant, is now on tour with a fantastic plant-based backing band that includes pianist Ian Haywood, guitarist Dietmar Kennard and the ‘veganettes’ backing singers.  The band are playing at events around the country, including headlining the UK’s biggest vegan festival, Vegfest.  

The song was recorded at Abbey Rd Studios by Paul Pritchard, who has worked with some of the top names in music.  It features powerful lyrics, beautiful harmonies, a brass section and it’s guaranteed to get you singing along by the joyful climax.

As more and more people move towards a plant-based diet, Peace On Your Plate is tapping into the momentum of the vegan movement.  The first video featuring a demo of the song has gone viral on-line.

The song has a very simple message asking everyone around the world to ‘put peace on your plate this Christmas Day’.  It has been a long time since an actual Christmas song was number one at Christmas time – the revamped Band Aid 20 in 2004.  Now is the time to change that, celebrating the messages of Christmas – peace, love and good will to all.

The song will be released as a world-wide exclusive on the Viva! podcast on Dec 1st, and then globally on radio and as a music video on Dec 2nd.  On Friday 13th December it will be available to download and stream in time to gather momentum for the hopeful Christmas No.1.  Could it be that 2018 saw a song about sausage rolls crowned No 1, and for 2019 it reflects the rise of the vegans?

All profits will support two amazing charities – Viva! Europe’s largest vegan campaigning charity, and Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, run by Fiona Oakes, a world record marathon and endurance runner.

Fiona said:

“I’m proud to support Peace On Your Plate for so many reasons but first and foremost for the animals that will benefit from this amazing initiative. We are what we eat and if we do not consume the product of violence, exploitation and death we will not promote and perpetuate this behaviour in our own actions. Peace On Your Plate leads to peace in your heart, mind and soul!” 

Roisin McAuley, PR & Marketing Manager, Viva!, said:

“We are thrilled to support Peace On Your Plate. The intensive farming industry goes against everything that Christmas represents. Christmas should be a season of peace and goodwill and that’s exactly what Peace On Your Plate hopes to achieve. Support this song and sing it loud and proud — help extend our compassion to all creatures this Christmas.”